Yves V Talks TomorrowWorld, Tomorrowland Residency, & New Single

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Atlanta, GA is a home away from home for Yves V. Over the past seven years, the Belgian artist has performed as a resident DJ at Boom’s massive Tomorrowland festival just steps away from his front door. However, he made a cross-continental journey last September for the festival’s inaugural TomorrowWorld US edition and is set to return to the Chattahoochee Hills for its sophomore installment later this week.

With a new single out now on Smash The House, Yves V caught up with DJ Times to talk about the seminal festival and his involvement with it as well as his upcoming plans and production style.

DJ Times: You’re playing the main stage of TomorrowWorld this year. What can fans expect from your set?
Yves V: TomorrowWorld last year was a real highlight for me! The people there were so enthusiastic, which was such a rush of emotions for me. Coming from my connection with Tomorrowland to the new journey of Tomorrowworld, I wanted to live up to the crowd’s expectations. It was an eye-opening experience, so this year I’m coming armed with more special edits and some very fresh music for the fans. They can expect a really energetic set from me; this I promise!

DJ Times: How different is the experience at playing to the Belgian Tomorrowland crowd and that of TomorrowWorld US?
I’ve played at Tomorrowland for 7 years in a row now and this is only the second TomorrowWorld, so it’s hard to fairly compare the two. But although this is a big difference, I really feel like it’s my second home already! A lot of Belgian fans follow the festival all the way to Atlanta, and that creates a really special atmosphere. What I love the most is that the huge international feeling you get at Tomorrowland has definitely carried over to TomorrowWorld. With the buzz that is happening in America right now, the festival is an incredible place to party at. This year’s show is going to be wild!

DJ Times: What are the challenges of playing to a club crowd versus a festival crowd?
Yves V: A club environment is always a lot more intimate; you are closer to the crowd and can interact with your fans a bit more. A festival is—on the contrary—more often totally insane: the stage is bigger and the whole occasion is on a larger scale. With huge crowds you can create huge parties, but there’s obviously a bigger audience to keep entertained. They are both very different, but that’s the beauty of it for me.

DJ Times: Your single with Regi “Wait Till Tomorrow” is out now on Smash The House. What went into its creation?
Yves V: I’ve known Regi for quiet some time now. We’ve been talking about making a track together for a long while. It was always our aim to make something catchy, but also one that worked well on the dancefloor. I feel we executed that with this record, and I’m very happy with the result. It’s been an exciting record to put together and I’m pleased with the feedback it has picked up so far.

DJ Times: What hardware and software have been your go-to tools when producing?
Yves V: Logic and Cubase. When I’m on the road touring, I use Ableton; it’s perfect for sketching out ideas and making little loops and edits for my sets. I tend to finish these projects off in Logic once back in my studio with my trusty monitors. I love the built-in software synths you get with Logic Pro, and my go to plug-ins are Sylenth and—of course—Massive.

DJ Times: What artists and releases have you been listening to over the past few months?
Yves V: I’m enjoying the deep house that’s about at the moment. I like the relaxed atmosphere it has to it, so it’s enjoyable to listen to when I’m not listening to my own music/promos. One of my favorite tracks is “The Giver” from Duke Dumont; it’s such a great record. But additionally, I like totally different types of music from artists such as Coldplay and Birdy. As a DJ, I think it’s vital you keep your ears open to new sounds and genre styles. There’s absolutely no point to just sticking to your one field of music; you’ll never experience anything new otherwise. I’m a music fan whether that’s as a DJ or chilling out in my own time, so I like to explore. You’ll find good music in any genre if you search hard enough.

DJ Times: What else can Yves V fans expect for the rest of 2014?
Yves V: I’m working on a bunch of new music; I’ll be doing a big announcement very soon about my next single. I also provided a mix for the new Tomorrowland 10th anniversary album which I’m really proud of, as this year’s album comes in a stunning casebook package. Alongside the studio work I’ve a run of exciting international gigs coming up.