Your Most Powerful Business Tool?

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DJ Steve Moody asked us: “What’s the most powerful and persuasive tool on your office desk?”

We told him, Our .44 Magnum, of course.

“Not quite,” he winced. “On their desk, everyone’s got computers, a phone, and a stapler, but they say the most powerful tool you have on your desk is the Post-It note.

“The Post-It note? Come on Steve, what do we look like?” (Don’t answer that question).

Steve: “When you’re sending someone a package and your literature looks professional, when you take the time to write a little Post-It, it shows the potential client that you’re a real person, and not a stone cold DJ service. We’ve started to put Post-It notes on everything—the first packet we send out, and the contract, etc. On the first page of the introduction package, I’ll write on the Post-It: ‘Please, after you’ve had a chance to look this packet over, give us a call, I’d love to work with you.’ And after we put a Post-It on the contracts that we mail out, they always come back faster.”

Studies have borne this out, says Steve. “75% of people respond quicker when a Post-It note is affixed to the mailed material. You’re almost doubling your chances of establishing two-way contact.”

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