Is Wolfgang Gartner Daft?

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Wolfgang Gartner’s “Illmerica,” a massive electro-house stomper released yesterday on Ultra Records, puts the Austin-based Joey Youngman in the company of Daft Punk. Hear for yourself.

Gartner recently conducted a Twitter interview with his fans, and we’ve compiled the choicest cuts.

Do you make your synths/sounds from scratch or do you use presets? I often use presets as a starting point, find something that’s relatively close, and then edit it to what I had in mind.

What do you feel was your biggest sacrifice for your success? Relationships. I have become somewhat estranged from most of my friends and family although they understand why this is so.

What’s the best advice you can give for the young generation of producers? Mastery of two things: Multi-band compression on your master chain and knowing how to side-chain your bass line to your kick drum.

What are your favorite sample packs for drums? I like hip-hop sample packs, cuz none of the other house guys use them and the sounds are fat as fuck! Undiscovered gems.

What are your favorite effects, plug-ins/gear? Distortion, filters, compressors, reverb? For distortion nobody does it like Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig and IK Ampeg. For reverb, I like the stock Ableton; and for filters I use stock Ableton filters.

How was it collaborating with Deadmau5? Inspiring. His mind works on a level like nobody I’ve ever worked with before.

If you had to make a beat, and not on a computer program, which drum machine would be your weapon of choice? EMU SP1200. Gritty lo-fi swing.

What’s your best advice for getting your music heard? If it’s good enough, the usual channels (Soundcloud etc) will “get it heard” by enough to spark something. It’s easier now than ever.

If you were starting up today, would you even bother to learn how to beat match and mix with CDJs, or just go all software? If I were just starting today I would learn to mix in Ableton or Traktor and not learn to beat match. No reason to learn old tech.

What DJ mixer do you like better, Allen & Heath or Pioneer? I swear by the Pioneer DJM-800. The effects are something I’ve come to rely on in my sets as a big part of the performance.

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