Wirelessly Control ADJ Lighting Fixtures with Airstream IR App

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American DJ is making wireless control more accessible than ever with the release of its Airstream IR app for iOS devices.

The free-to-download app turns users’ devices into universal infrared remotes capable of controlling a wide range of ADJ products. The iOS app serves as a digital version of the popular UC IR remote, allowing users to trigger effects and adjust settings from a distance of 15-20 feet. To enable the controller function of the app, users simply attach the Airstream IR adapter—included in the boxes of compatible lighting fixtures or sold in packs of four—to their iOS device.

The Airstream IR app maintains its compatibility with the Ricochet, ON-X, H20 IR, H20 DMX IR, Gobo Projector IR and a wide range of the popular Inno Pocket fixtures (including the recent Fusion and Z4 effects) while adding additional support for the following new fixtures.

Revo 4 IR

Dual Gem Pulse IR

Galaxian Gem IR

Jellyfish IR

Micro Galaxian II

Micro Gobo II

Ikon IR

Download the app here and head to ADJ.com/UC-IR-Products for more information.


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