Winter Music Conference 2011: Paul van Dyk Speaks

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Paul van Dyk with headphones at the decks
“You can go far…”

The sun-drenched bacchanalia known as Winter Music Conference lurks around the corner, so unpack your speedos.

Us, we’ll be manning a booth in the exhibit area, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, taking part in “The Buzz: Media, Marketing, Social Networking and You” seminar on Wednesday, March 9, at 4:00, and by the time “Closing Remarks with Paul van Dyk” comes around on Saturday, March 12, we’re sure we’ll need a Red Bull.

In an interview with DJ Times, van Dyk once offered his advice to upcoming DJs and musicians.

“Stay true to yourself—I’ve said this a thousand times. I have a very clear idea of my sound. I do everything I can to present music in the best possible way. In terms of topping things, to me, the most important thing is always the next gig. It can be in a small club with 200 people, or a big festival with 200,000 people—it doesn’t matter. That’s my next, most important thing. That’s what people appreciate a lot more. It doesn’t really matter to me what rank we are.

“Today, kids can directly approach me and hand me music. Back in the days, I could never have gone to Derrick May and said, “Listen to my music!” It’s so easy for kids to approach me these days and give me their music. A lot of artists on Vandit, we got music from them and developed it. There are massive opportunities out there if you take your own art seriously. If you’re disciplined enough to follow that through, you’ll reach your goals.”

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