Why You Need To Send An E-Newsletter

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One of the stronger pieces of marketing that we use here at Joe Bunn DJ Company is sending out a monthly e-newsletter. It’s easy, informative and, most importantly, it’s cheap (if you do it yourself). In this article, we will discuss the steps that will get you rolling on creating and sending your own.

 The Template: The first thing that you should do is to have your graphics person create a template that you can use each month. If you don’t have a graphics person, the going rate to hire one can be anywhere from $35-$50 per hour. The template should match your current branding—card, website, etc. It needs to have the same colors, look, and feel of the rest of your marketing so that as soon as your readers see it, they’ll know where it came from.

 Choosing Your Sender: After the template is complete, you will use it with one of the hundreds of mass email providers that there are out there. Our choice is Mailchimp. But Constant Contact is also reputable. We are able to go in to the dashboard, add the email addresses that we want to send it to, and then simply input the URL of the template, and click send! Very easy.

 Who Receives It? One of the things that I have been doing since starting my company more than 12 years ago is to keep a huge vendor list on an Excel spreadsheet. At every single event I do, I collect business cards from my fellow vendors. I toss out the “bozos,” and keep the people that I would like to network with, or work with again. Each week, I add the data from those business cards to that spreadsheet. Name, company, email address, phone, mailing address, web, social media—even their birth date! That spreadsheet, once you’ve built it up and it reflects the …