Why Airlines Hate You

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What are the implications if the new Ultra-Compact Airline Seat idea actually, um, flies? In addition to spreading empathy for veal calves, and the possibility of Kevin Smith never traveling again, global DJs will feel the sting more than most.

“Saddle up,” says DJ Colette. “They’re making travel even mo’ uncomfortable.”

And for the rest of us who aren’t global DJs? Sounds like a good reason to fasten your Borscht Belt while MCing a destination wedding. (“On my flight out here, I saw a passenger with a gun. He was demanding to be let off the plane.” Rim-shot. Or, “That Jet Blue and their baby seats, their motto must be: ‘We’re not happy until you’re not happy’.” Rim-shot.)

When you do book that global itinerary, the most common mistake people make is not getting an entry visa for the country you’re traveling to, especially a country you’re connecting through to go somewhere else. If you’re a U.S. citizen traveling to China, you need to get a visa for China. If you’re connecting on your flight to China via Vietnam, you need a visa for your connection too. Visas can be expensive and every country has different rules and regulations, so plan way in advance.

Rumors about airlines considering a plan to hog-tie passengers to the wings await confirmation.

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