Welcome to Virtual DJ Expo 2010

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The social networking world, from Facebook, to YouTube to Twitter, is abuzz with post-DJ Expo fever. The Expo rocked the Twitter world with hundreds of Tweets, and in the rubble of the Expo you can see facebook pictures and hear wrap-ups from the likes of 93.3 FM’s  Brian Fink, or in the words of Ron Slomowicz, or catch video of Numark’s V7 motorized turntable software, or a reel of Roonie G’s jaw-dropping skills on the Expo showfloor, or a segment of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s keynote program, or Gemini’s photo upload, of DJ Shiftee’s Traktor S4 tutorial, or showfloor video from Chauvet, or Alexis Jordan’s stirring acoustic version of her #1 dance hit “Happiness,” and on and on….

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