WATCH: Roland’s AIRA Series in Action

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Roland finally unveiled the details of its much-anticipated AIRA line last week, and now interested users can see hands-on video walkthroughs of the TR-8 drum machine and TB-3 bass synthesizer.

Point Blank Music School’s Paul Crossman gives his first impressions with the units, as well as showing off each unit’s features step-by-step. The TR-8’s 808 & 909 modes are explained, as are its instrument-by-instrument FX and sequencing workflow. The highlight, of course, is the ability to physically hear what sounds that the machine is capable of producing, as its modeling technology is a point of interest for those looking to emulate the sound of earlier Roland models.

The TB-3’s video shows off just how apt for live performances the unit is, including touch-and-drag XY play as well as real-time step adjustments. Additionally, the AIRA line’s cross-interfacing is seen, with the TR-8 and TB-3 synced together via the units’ MIDI cables.

See the TR-8 drum machine in action above and the TB-3 below. A walkthrough of the TR-8’s multiple outputs is available here.