Watch Armin van Buuren Control His Lightshow with a Myo Armband

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Armin van Buuren’s taking some control of his lightshow into his own hands with the Myo armband, gesture-controlled technology that allows for touch-free control of lighting and stage effects.

As seen in the video above, Armin has integrated the Myo—designed by Thalmic Labs—into his stage show in Ibiza, allowing for total control of his audience’s experience in real time. By measuring the electrical activity in his muscles, the device wirelessly controls computers, phones, and other digital technologies.

However, the Myo also is available for home use by producers and DJs alike. DJs at home can use the Myo to plug their hands into software like Ableton Live, Serato DJ, Traktor, Logic Pro, and Garageband. Users can assign

The Myo is currently available to preorder. For more information, go to