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What can you learn from Jet Blue?

Whether you know it or not, your DJ company has a culture, and it’s a direct reflection of your values. Paul Keetch and Alex Read, authors of Make My Marketing Work, believe that you can create a workplace culture that will reap rewards by implementing some of the following ideas:

Remember your own pet peeves: think back to your days as an employee. What things did you gripe about?

Involve staff in strategic processes: even if you don’t always use their ideas, letting them contribute to the process will let them know they are being heard, so they can better understand the process and buy into the final decision.

Reward top performers: Frequent and publicly recognizing and rewarding your top performers will inspire similar behavior in others. Just be sure that the preferred performance levels are fully disclosed, this way there’s no guessing and charges of favoritism.

Fire poor performers: Not an easy task, but nothing sucks morale from a staff more than allowing lazy or unqualified employees to stick around. You’ll do your company a great service by cutting out the chaff.

Create a mentoring culture: Provide opportunities for your employees to grow not only professionally, but as human beings as well. We suggest attending DJ Expo.

Profit sharing: Not a favorite among business owners, but studies show that when your staff is directly benefiting from the success of your company, they’re more likely to do whatever it takes for everyone to be successful.

Offer “well” days in addition to sick days: Helping your employees with their work/life balance will make them more productive. Create a “well day” program, where employees can call in “well” to allow them time to pursue something they’re passionate about.

When modeling yourself after other companies, look to those who do things in a way you respect, and then do what they do: is customer service your priority? Look to West Jest, Jet Blue, Ritz Carlton Hotels, or Petsmart and see how hey manage their customer service process.

Or do you want to build a cool internal culture? Look to Starbucks, Google and Yahoo!.

And you’ll be on your way.





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