Train Your DJs–and Change Your Business

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Mike Walter, owner of Elite Entertainment and the organizer of DJ of the Year at DJ Expo, has released a book, “Running Your Multi-Op,” and we’ve asked him to write a few words about how training DJs has changed his business–and how it can change yours.

Training is the key component to my success at Elite Entertainment.  I’ve been able to duplicate what I personally do at events with numerous DJs.  I’ve made it a conscious decision to recruit people with no DJing experience (hence no bad habits and preconceived notions about the business) and fill their heads with everything I need them to know.

I do this through rehearsal and repetition as we perform everything from Bridal Party Introductions to The Electric Slide over and over and over.  It was Aristotle some two millennia ago who said “we are what we repeatedly do” and I instill that truth in my DJs.  If you want to be great at something, do it.  And when it comes to something performance based, do it over and over.

Through repetition you’ll get better and better and more and more comfortable.  It’ll become your own.

I sat down to write this book last year and as I did, I found myself pulling from the experiences I’ve had in this great business since the late 80s.  I offer some of these first-hand accounts in the book but only when there’s a greater lesson to be learned.  This isn’t a “Here’s My Life As a DJ” book.  It was meant to be a field manual for anyone looking to grow their Mobile DJ business and from the early feedback I’ve received, I think I hit the mark.

When asked his opinion on it, Jason Jani, owner of Belmar NJ’s Sound Connection Entertainment said:  “With sections on marketing and sales, managing your business so your DJs want to stay with you, where to find talent and more, I believe this is the most comprehensive book available for our industry.”

Randy Bartlett, owner of Premier Entertainment in Sacramento California said: “This is a great book for anyone looking to grow their business and Mike Walter was the perfect man to write it.  I only wish this book had been available when I was building my own company.”

If you’d like to pick up your copy, visit my website:  “Running Your Multi-Op” is available in paper back or as an audio book.”