Tracks we'd Like to Hear@Ground-Zero Mosque

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Can Feisal Abdul Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative and imam of the ground-zero Muslim Community Center, play hardball? He probably won’t need to, not tonight anyway, when he sits for an interview with CNN’s Larry King, who, to his credit, has developed his franchise around one of the finest slow-pitch softball pitches on cable. He will be missed. We wonder if Piers Morgan and his cricket-playing will translate to American audiences.

We’re not going to chime in any further on the mosque controversy,  except to say that a mosque, or, more precisely, a Muslim community center, near Ground Zero is a great disincentive to future terrorist acts nearby. We’d feel secure working in an office building where a few hundred Muslims were praying. (We would not feel secure working in an an office building with Frank Lloyd Wright, because he’s dead.)

And if they do go forward with this project, here’s some dope Arabic tracks we’d like to hear in the lobby, or in the elevator, on our way to the proposed swimming pool, a breast stroke of genius…

1. Salma Ya Salama – Olé y Ola – Alabina
2. Habibi de Mis Amore – Alabina
3. Taarida Hawzi – Chalf Hassan
4. Sahara Queen – Cheb Rayah
5. Lala kilouha – DJ Youcef
6. A sheba – DJ Youcef
7. Khityar el Ekkazeh – Fares Karam
8. Baghi N Zewage Ana – Fares Rai
9. Wawa    – Hayfa Wehbe
10. Abdelmoula – Ina
11. Ghir sabra – Jedwane
12. Kouna Kountou – Jil Jilala
13. Li Dar Khir – Jober & Nabila
14. El Dounya Helwa – Nancy Ajram
15. Lhlaizidktar – Rachid Kasmi
16. Bitgheeb Bitrooh – Ragheb Alama
17. Zin Ä Zin – Saïd Mariouari
18. Awaam Keda – Samira Said
19. Bado el Helewa Faker – Walid Tawfic
20. Daba Daba – Youmni Rabii