Tour Blog: Glitch Mob/Ana Sia (Entry 8)

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How the West Was Won… Now on to Canada!

Salt Lake City – The “Love Death Immortality Tour” relaunched in Denver for two consecutive nights at the Fillmore—the second of which sold out and we all got trophies!

The first night had support from Grenier and Salva, the second night from Penthouse Penthouse and yours truly. All of us hail from Los Angeles, so the West Coast vibe was strong. And The Glitch Mob smashed hard, bringing their album alive in two different fashions to keep the shows unique from one another.

Also a super-fun fan thing they’re doing is running a contest for someone to get a killer hair cut from edIT aka Ed Ma (in the band) and he’s actually pretty damn skilled! These kids are getting hooked up well with fresh fades and smiling so wide while it’s happening. It’s real tight to continually see their direct-to-fan relationship and see how they keep building and keeping it legitimately real with their supporters.

Next stop was Salt Lake City, Utah, and oh shit! Was it a killer party! From the minute the doors opened at 7 p.m., the venue was packed full of enthusiastic and ultra-participatory fans—all clapping and chanting to everyone’s sets. Through the night, these sets varied from hip hop to house to hardcore rock, and it’s a beautiful thing from our points of view to witness a sea of raging positivity. Of course, all this was fueled by the pristine and prestigious PK Sound, the extra sound they’ve chose to bring along on this tour. It’s a cutting-edge company that originated in Calgary with now works out of San Francisco. We couldn’t be more thrilled and gracious to be playing on a system such as this one—a genuine treat.

Onward to Canada, where we hit Vancouver next!