Tour Blog: Glitch Mob/Ana Sia (Entry 7)

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Hi, again!

It’s DJ Ana Sia and I’m back out on the road for the second leg of The Glitch Mob’s “Love Death Immortality” Tour that’s heading out to a few dates in the Midwest, and then up and down the West Coast.

I’m still riding shotgun for these next two weeks, as is Penthouse Penthouse, keeping you, as a reader, close by and getting an intimate look at road life and seeing how the hell anyone pulls all this off! The Glitch Mob have created a beast of a tour that’s really something not to be missed, so get to a show if you can. Also, maybe bring a helmet.

This 45-minute offering “#Feelings” is some of my favorite tunes of this year. Some fun head-bobbin’ ones I’ve been playing on this tour, as well as some newer vibey ones I’m obsessed with listening to. It’s everything from East Coast club to deep house and tunes that fit in between those spaces.

Enjoy the ride and I hope to hi-5 you wherever we touch down.

Ana Sia
4/26 – Denver, CO
4/28 – SLC, UT
4/29 – Boise, ID
5/01 – Vancouver, BC
5/02 – Portland, OR
5/03 – 5/04 – Seattle, WA
5/06 – Eugene, OR
5/07 – Reno, NV
5/09 – San Francisco, CA
5/10 – Los Angeles, CA
5/23 – Lighting In A Bottle
6/08 – Silent Frisco

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