Tour Blog: Glitch Mob/Ana Sia (Entry 6)

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The Big Easy & Beyond…

Sorry for the lag, readers, but my phone got smashed into a million pieces during the course of a lon-n-n-n-ng night into early morning of hijinks following the super-fun Buku Music & Arts Festival in New Orleans.

I DJed on a boat docked right in the middle of the festival grounds, beautifully backdropped by the beautiful city lights and mayhem. The Glitch Mob closed out the final night in the Mardi Gras Float and a giant airport-hangar-sized warehouse to nearly 9,000 people. Pretty fucking sick to see… and all the photos I have as evidence of us at this festival are kaput. R.I.P.

Still, we saw some incredible acts of the old and new at this two-year-old festival, one to definitely attend at some point. It has all the major production of a mega show, but not overwhelming in size. So you can actually get from one stage to the next in 10 minutes, not 30.

Our last two shows ended in Texas—at House of Blues in Dallas and Emo’s in Austin. Dallas held the first (and hopefully last) crowd fight of the tour. The ending in Austin was a sweet message of “to be continued…”

photo 1

Livid Instruments also has much to do with The Glitch Mob’s show rig and they are based in Austin. Here’s a photo of the boys getting the lowdown on a future product with talks of custom gear, which is any producers’ dream. Midi 4 life!

photo 2

This picture is a good wrap-up of the shows: You can tell show-biz carnage has happened, but with the sprinkling of mostly water bottles and rave sticks sprinkled around, you know it’s been a healthy dose of debauchery.

Thanks for riding alongside me, our expedition continues in a few weeks from April 25 to May 10 on the West-ish Coast.


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