Tour Blog: Glitch Mob/Ana Sia (Entry 5)

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Chopping Our Way Down South…


Damn, the shows this week have been crazy!

On our dip Down South, we stopped in Nashville, Memphis and Atlanta. And looking back on these past three shows, Ed Ma (aka edIT) of the Glitch Mob couldn’t help himself: “Amazing towns, amazing vibes, amazing barbecue.”

I had to fight my way through the crowd to get this crowd shot and took some elbows to the skull. But it was really worth it to conquer the middle of the dancefloor to fully get how legitimately stoked everyone has been with the performances.

One thing I noticed at these last few gigs is that there hasn’t been just one type of person attending—it’s not limited to one demographic of music lovers. To me, that’s a good mark of success, when you can bridge many ages and break down barriers of genre to get people in a room and moving together.


OK, let’s take a look at my rig—it’s actually from my home studio, too! I have two Pioneer CDJ-2000s and a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer. Standard greatness, I say. I went back to CDJs after a seven-year affair with using Ableton Live for DJing, and it’s been really fucking fun and liberating to return to.

Here’s a video of a very insane crowd at the legendary Tabernacle Theatre in Atlanta. It’s a stunning thing watching tiers of people tearing their shirts off, going apeshit over your friends’ music. Also, here’s my favorite cut so far: After every show we take a family photo and meet kids who stay to get signatures & high-five us. This is Atlantans spontaneously chanting the Braves’ Tomahawk chop, plus Penthouse Penthouse and me clowning. 

OK! Reports from Buku Festival in New Orleans to follow…


Ana Sia