Tour Blog: Glitch Mob/Ana Sia (Entry 4)

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Headed Toward Tennessee Time…

The last couple shows dropped us in Silver Springs, Md., and Asheville, N.C. Both were crackin’—we sold out the Fillmore and The Orange Peel back-to-back!

Of course, there was a good amount of shenanigans happening behind the scenes—among best buds, that’ll happen. But mostly, these shows have been flawlessly executed by our fantastic road crew and I’m sharing the stage with some of the best in the business.

Here’s something super-sweet: At each tour stop, The Glitch Mob has this secret “Mega Mob Fan Club” that they invite backstage before the show to meet, hang out and express gratitude to—just for being a part of The Glitch Mob experience.

I just don’t know a lot of artists at this level that put so much attention into maintaining such a strong, direct-to-fan relationship. It’s both crucial for the group and so rad for their followers and it’s really helped shape The Glitch Mob’s career.

Also after each show they jump down in the audience to talk to as many people as possible to take photos and strip down the performer’s fourth wall. I love joining in, too, and it’s nice to feel at home when you’re so far away from yours.

Here’s some video footage that I made of a fan and a photo of The Glitch Mob signing the belly of a mama-to-be. She was insistent on having her growing baby blessed by her favorite group’s music and getting a blessing from each of them. Some people may view this as controversial, but we all viewed it as nothing short of awesome.

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OK, our next stops are both in Tennessee: March 18 at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, then March 19 at Minglwood Hall in Memphis.


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