Tour Blog: Glitch Mob/Ana Sia (Entry 2)

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Thursday, March 13, Leaving Boston, Mass…

Hoooooooo boy…!

The tour kicking off in Portland, Maine, was pretty, pretty, pretty special. We were hosted by the beautiful State Theatre, fueled by an epic meal for the books at Miyake. Soon as the doors opened, the room was packed full of sweet and loving fans. The Glitch Mob has co-created a community of people that are just down and open and ready to enjoy life thru some unusual and unique music. Also, all the crowd-surfing inside this nice-ass theater was fun to watch.

photo 2
Boston was our second show, which was a bit of a homecoming for one of the members of TGM, Ed Ma. Oh, and his dad catered our night’s crew meal. We’re talking like 15 dishes of amazing Chinese home food from his spot in town—great chow! The crew and I wanted to kidnap him for nearly forever. Really tight. All three tiers of the venue were stacked and I so love witnessing people just let it go and go nuts.

photo 11
The Glitch Mob’s Custom Rigs: It’s all a very insane and hard-to-believe operation of iPads, MIDI controllers and Taiko drums recreating all their tunes live. I’ve been walked through the “what’s happening behind the curtain to make it all happen,” and I’m in fuckin’ drooly fan-out awe of their having a vision of how they wanted to do it and then the determination and skills to pull it off. It’s less about DJing and more about watching a band give the best show they can for their fans. More unfolding to follow…

OK… bus call to Philly… see you soon!


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