Tour Blog: The Glitch Mob x Ana Sia (Entry 1)

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Hi Everybuddy!

Nice to meet you. I am Ana Sia, a DJ/producer residing in Los Angeles, and I’m about to set sail on a national tour with the tragically talented, best-of-my-buds act – The Glitch Mob.


Also with us is the up-and-coming, hot-shit duo known as Penthouse Penthouse of Team Supreme. This 40-date tour is in support of The Glitch Mob’s 2- years-in-the-making album, Love/Death/Immortality (Glass Air Records). So it’s a highly anticipated run for their incredibly enthusiastic fans and I’m over the moon amped to be riding shotgun with them on this jaunt, and reporting from the road for DJ Times magazine.

From the mouths of everyone working day and night to pull this production off, they’ve never done anything this complex and demanding, so I’m pretty sure everyone who has a chance to experience the show can expect to have their minds mangled in all the right ways. I can’t wait to see how they’re making it happen and will be fanatically clapping from the sidelines, giving you all a little insight into everyone’s production, some daily anecdotes and show reports, plus some looks at whatever else spontaneously happens when you call a tour bus home for a few weeks.

Thanks for your attention and I’m happy to be your girl on the streets for this excursion.

First stop: The State Theatre in Portland, Maine, Tuesday, March 11—let’s get this party started!


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