Top 10 Blissful Records DJs Added this Week

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black and white photo of Katy Perry
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Top 10 adds this week, courtesy of Dixie Dance Kings

1 Katy Perry “ET” (Capitol)

2 Negin “Unexpected” (Robbins)

3 J-Lo F/Pitbull “On The Floor” (Island)

4 Wendel Kos F/Andrea “Dancing On The Lights” (Robbins)

5 Hannah “Sanity” (Snowdog)

6 Tini Tempah “Written In The Stars” (Capitol)

7 Kimberly Caldwell “Desperate Girls & Stupid” (Capitol)

8 Rihanna “S&M” (Def Jam)

9 Hot Rod “Dance With Me” (G Note)

10 DiddyDirtyMoney “Coming Home” (Interscope)

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