tINI’s White Island Grooves

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Most DJs are plenty happy to play Ibiza. But what would it be like for a DJ/producer to actually live and work there? One jock who fits the bill is tINI—aka Germany’s Tini Günter.

After meeting Loco Dice a decade ago on the Spanish party island and playing gigs with him, she joined his Desolat label family and began to release music. She eventually moved to Ibiza and produced her rugged 2011 artist debut Tessa there. (In 2012, Desolat offered a Tessa remix package, which included Carl Craig’s twisted techno mix of “My Shine.”)

Since then, she’s enjoyed residencies on the White Island (Ushauaia), London’s Fuse parties and Rimini, Italy’s massive Cocoricò club. More recently, she’s spun her popular weekly summer beach party (“tINI & The Gang” at Ibiza’s Sirocco Beach Club) and hit the global circuit, which included a stop at Mexico’s BPM Festival this past January. DJ Times connected with tINI to discuss her White Island Grooves.

DJ Times: How did you connect with Loco Dice and Desolat?

tINI: I met Dice about 10 years ago, seeing him for the first time in Ibiza back then. Everything started with a party in my hometown Munich in 2003 where I played his opening set and we finished that night playing back-2-back together and we stayed in contact from that moment on.

DJ Times: How much has he impacted your career?

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