This Product Might Kill You

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Here’s another digital-DJ solution for Mac people and for those who wish the professional DJ industry grievous harm.

With Version 3 of its djay software, Germany’s algoriddim brings us a wide range of easy-to-use features, a familiar look to a traditional DJ setup, and direct integration with your current iTunes library. It’s so easy, your Luddite cousin Merl can DJ his next Luddite Disco Mix Party.

The Mac-based software installs in less than five minutes and, when launched, gives users the ability to control, mix and manipulate music. The user interface of the djay 3 software has a familiar layout to a traditional DJ setup with two turntables next to each another. Located below the turntable platters in the middle of the screen is the mixer portion of the software. Volume and EQ controls are located on both sides of each corresponding turntable. Both decks have their own Sync buttons which, when pressed, will automatically match the cue deck’s BPM with the master deck. While the sync buttons do not actually blend the two tracks together, it certainly makes the task of beat matching and blending easier. Located above each deck is the name of the track and both the amount of time left in the track, as well as the amount played in the track. Located directly to the right of the Five buttons are located below the mixer. They include Looping, Cue Points, Transition, Skipping and EF X. S

The digital features were so similar to a traditional DJ setup, and the easy MIDI mapping and direct integration into iTunes were key features that set it apart. The EF X and Looping functions provide added control and enhance the overall user experience.

Priced at $49.95, djay 3 is perfect for mobile DJs, new starters or anyone who wants to DJ their own party.

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