The Social Network & Your Business

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Alright, we’ve seen the The Social Network movie, and it got us thinking not about the spot-on SNL parody, but rather, about DJing, and the business of DJing. Seems like we can’t just relax and enjoy a movie (When we saw Hot Tub Time Machine, all we could think about was what a great frickin upsell that would be).

Dean Goninen of Lifeline Amplification in Platteville, Wis. (, works with musicians and DJs from throughout the United States every day, and has some thoughts about Generation Y, social networking, and how the two can impact your business.

“We’re dealing with a different type of ‘younger generation’ these days,” says Goninen. “This is the first group of customers that never had a limited number of ways to communicate. They never had the opportunity to select from just a few TV channels, and they’ve always had the means for instant gratification.

“With this in mind, today’s younger customer requires you to be more aggressive to stay in front of them and to stay more current. In the past we leaned heavily on face-to-face networking, but these days I’ve noticed that many retailers have tried to figure out how to get their happy customers to interact with each other. Many are utilizing sections of their website where customers can ‘brag’ about their equipment with photos, or blogs where they’re able to discuss the things they love about their new purchase.”

Goninen says online retailers such as Lifeline were the first to address the challenge of communicating with Millennials, as they were forced to develop new channels such as social networking sites in order to reach this crowd.

“Word-of-mouth has always been the best advertising, and social networking sites do exactly that,” he says. “Websites also give you a chance to establish yourself as an ‘expert’ in your industry, and provide an opportunity to put a face on your company or brand.

“The successful companies develop a plan to have all of their marketing, advertising and customer interactions intertwined, and to reach this newest generation they must learn to include social networking and the Internet in this mix.”

Indeed, look no further than Wedding Wire for proof of engagement.

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