The Secrets to Sausage-Making at DJ Expo

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Ever wonder how we make the sausage at DJ Expo? No? Well, we’re gonna tell you anyway.

Every seminar is meticulously designed, tweaked, and re-tweaked before it’s a Go. Here’s an example of the seminar design for “All-Star Wedding MCs’ Secrets Revealed,” moderated by DJ Steve Moody and scheduled for Monday, 3:00-5:00.

Opening Remarks From Steve Moody

“I am not going to spend much time in the opening segment as we have so much information to cover. I will welcome everyone and quickly introduce each panel member.

“I also intend to explain the importance of the pre-planning with our clients in order to make our presentations fit their vision etc….and how that everything we are going to speak about in the seminar is a reflection of the time spent in pre-planning with the clients.”

Section 1
In the first section we’re going to share some secrets that go on behind the scene in the Green Room as we give our prep and pep talks with “Bridal Party Before their Grand Entrance.” Explain how the use of this time alone with the bridal party is so important to the success of the reception. What do we say to them to help make them an extension of our entertainment team. Sked: Jason Jani followed by Steve Moody.

Section 2
This section will revolve around our time spent before we actually break into full party mode at a reception.

Our opening remarks at an event set the tone for the entire evening. First impressions are so important.
Welcoming Remarks To Reception Guests—how we make our connection with them right from the start– Mike Berrios
-Grand Entrance – Liz Daley
-Grand Entrance – Jason Jani (audio visual style)
-The Crowning Ceremony and how elements from it can be used with just about any ethnic background or culture in order to lead into dancing set – Adam Weitz
-How many times do we do the same centerpiece give away game? The person with the closest birthday etc., so here is a new take on it: New Centerpiece Give Away Game – Steve Moody
-Unique ways to get invited guests to the buffet for dinner – Liz Daley

Section 3
We have all had a night where we just can’t get folks up to party….so here are some Tips and tricks for opening the Dance Floor – Mike Walter followed by Adam Weitz and Big Daddy

Section 4
How technology can be such a helpful tool for a wedding MC….
Leading into the cake Cutting visual presentation – Jason Jani
Custom Recordings / Voice Overs – Liz Daley

Section 5
Closing The Night…how to go out with a bang.– Mike Berrios and Mike Walter & Big Daddy