The Making of a Billboard Reporter

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Robert LaFrance has joined the ranks of Billboard reporters, hallowed ground for club DJs. For the Connecticut-based DJ, who spins Thursdays and Fridays at Alchemy, it is a long-time ambition realized. “When I started DJing, the Billboard reporting DJs were the country’s top DJs with the best gigs, access to the most cutting edge music, and direct relationships with the labels and promoters,” LaFrance told us. “The game may have changed slightly since then—technology has opened up the industry by making music more accessible and encouraged more people to try DJing—but the Billboard reporting DJs still choose the songs that comprise the prestigious Billboard chart and I am truly honored to now be among them.”

Indeed, and what are the benefits of a Billboard reporting slot?

Billboard DJs still have access to the most exclusive music including remixes and a cappellas,” says LaFrance. “This will have a significant impact on my sets since I can present brand new music that is either difficult or impossible to find on Beatport, iTunes, or other download sites, in fresh and exciting ways. The best DJs can use this exclusivity to differentiate their sets from other DJs in their markets and help the clubs at which they work to build a buzz around the night and attract bigger crowds. Also, Billboard DJs establish relationships directly with the labels and promoters that put out dance music.  I hope these new relationships will enable me to enhance and expand my production resume with both remixes and original tracks.”

LaFrance, a DJ Times columnist who writes the monthly “Download Corner,” has an original EP coming out soon on Playloop Records.

Said Gordon Murray, Billboard chart and research manager: “DJ Robert LaFrance got my attention with the uniquely funky tech-house track on his playlist called ‘Princess Guacomole,’ and he kept it with his reputation for reliability, a passion for music, and a strong work ethic. He will be an excellent addition.”

Vive LaFrance!