The Best Keyword to Engage Your Online Audience is…

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#1 Keyword: “Would”

A recent white paper issued by New York City-based Buddy media provides critical insights for DJs looking to heighten their Facebook social media engagement–and for mobile DJs looking to increase conversion rates. You’ll find among the report’s many findings—besides being assured that Charlie Sheen is really on to something—that your Facebook audience responds to cues provided by you, distilled among these recommendations:

Shorter posts increase engagement. As much as 27% higher engagement was seen for posts between 1 and 80 characters.

Full-length URLs trumped shortened URLs. Engagement was 3 times higher for posts using full-length URLs.

Posts outside of regular business hours—10 am to 4 pm EST—saw engagement rates 20% higher than the overall average. Try posting late at night or early in the morning to insure you wind up on newsfeeds and don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Engagement rates increase by 18% on Thursday and Friday—the less that people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook.

When asking a question, questions that appeared at the end of the post rather than earlier had an engagement rate that was 15% higher.

The most effective question keywords showing higher engagement are “Where”, “When”, “Should” and, especially, “Would.”

Among the least effective are “How”, “Who”, “What”, “Did”, and, especially, “Why”.

When running a Facebook contest, use “softer sell” keywords, as opposed to “contest”, “promotion,” “sweepstake” or “coupon.”

Instead, try “winner” and “win”—God bless you Charlie Sheen. Also, “event,” “offer” and “new” were among the top five most engaging keywords.

For a free version of the report click here.