Technics 1200 "Coffin Report" with Ultimate Fighting DJ AL3

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With the demise of the Technics 1200, we’ve been filing the “Coffin Report” with the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Wolfgang Gartner, Qbert, and others, asking them to wax sentimental about the iconic platter.

Albert Lineses III aka AL3, is the official DJ of the UFC and the Sacramento Kings.

AL3 (right) with UFC's Dana White
UFC’s Dana White (left) and Al3

OK, Albert, your first recollection of the wheels. The first recollection I have of the 1200 was seeing them showcased on the self-titled UTFO album cover with Mixmaster Ice displaying them as his weapons of choice in Anvil travel cases and they looked very majestic and sleek. I looked at that album cover for years dreaming of the day I’d get a pair. It took four years, but I did finally get a pair.

How’d you get the cash to buy your first pair? My memories of getting my first pair of 1200s is of my mom attempting several times to buy them for me, but she didn’t have enough credit or cash at the time to do so. But a few years later, I talked my high-school counselor into loaning me the money to buy them and launch my young career as a DJ. His name is Dr. Fine and he obviously believed in me. I took the bus 50 miles a day for three days from my high school to the only place that sold 1200s with financing in order to get the paperwork expedited.

What do you miss about the 1200s? The thing I miss most about DJing back when I got my first set of 1200s is people got into the art of DJing for the love of the art and music. It wasn’t about being a rock star DJ or overnight fame and money. I was grateful to play a gig, any gig and creating mixes that made people dance was and still is a rush! And finally having that set of majestic 1200s at my fingertips was a dream come true…