Galaxy Any Spot Traveler TV 8 – Portable PA System [REVIEW]


“So excited to work with you, Mr. DJ, and thanks for agreeing to not only deliver entertainment for our event, but provide sound for our ceremony, which is being held in a field overlooking a mountain, on a hill beside a bay. And, oh by the way, there is no power out there and it... Read More

Effective Marketing for Wedding DJs


By Laura Cave Identifying and attracting bridal customers can be a real challenge. Unlike corporate customers or entertainment venues, your potential bridal clients change every year. They’re busy and distracted by a marketplace full of messages. And most of them don’t know the first thing ...

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DJ Takes Stock in Niche Wedding Market


East Windsor, N.J.—Like so many DJs, Gregg Hollmann had an inkling that he would somehow find himself behind the console. With an interest in music from an early age, this Jersey Shore native studied piano and alto sax in high school, playing in jazz and classical ensembles. He also starting ...

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Can Yelp Help Your Business?

DJs talk about how they use online sites like Yelp and WeddingWire to help their business.

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Song requests: buzz kill or floor filler?

How Disc jockeys can learn from client requests

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DJs Offer Royal Music Tips

DJs offer suggestions for Prince William and Kate's wedding.

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DJ Sales Tactic: Just Say "No" to Attract Clients

By saying "No" to some clients, DJs can attract business.

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Business Tip #1: You're too White

Use color schemes in your office to increase business bookings

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How to Make the "No Exit" Strategy Work for You

We’re all looking for that golden Kool-aid, that elusive elixir that you can pump into the water supply of potential clients and transform them from penny-pinching paupers to limousine liberals, prepared to spend as if they had just received a tax refund, or an inheritance from a wealthy ...

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Dancefloor Illiterati are Ruining the Country

One in seven Americans can’t read this posting. And that’s not because they have no interest in the world of DJing, it’s because they can’t read. According to the US Department of Education, 32 million American adults lack basic prose literacy skills, meaning they can’t read a newspaper or the ...

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