25th Anniv. Moment: Richie Hawtin – Nov, 2001 [Interview]


20/20 VISION: Richie Hawtin Sees The Future of DJing: Less Perspiration, More Innovation. Originally published: November 2011 The irony in not lost on Richie Hawtin. As a minimalist, no electronic artist has done more for dance music by doing less. An as a technophile’s technophile, not ...

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Cassette Deck Scratch DJ: WTF?

Raise your hand if you remember cassette decks. We don’t, but we understand they existed before Serato, during the television era, in the days of wireless Marconi and the horse car. DJ Ruthless Ramsey remembers the cassette deck. In fact, the Arizona DJ can tear ‘em up during his sets. We ...

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