Crookers Offers ‘Ghetto Guetta’ Remix Competition


Crookers is offering budding producers the chance to remix his new single “Ghetto Guetta” as part of a remix competition. Prizes for the winner include a pair of HD 25-1 Sennheiser headphones, Crookers tickets and merchandise, as well as the opportunity to have his/her remix reposted on ...

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Cole Plante & EA Partner for Tetris Theme Remix Contest


DJ/producer Cole Plante has teamed up with EA Games to present the Tetris Blitz Remix Challenge in order to promote the new Tetris Blitz app, available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Entrants are tasked with producing their own remix of the famous Tetris theme song, “Korobeiniki,” for use ...

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Map the Road to Remixer Riches–at DJ Expo

As far as metrics for success go, is there any greater thrill than a DJ spinning his own remix in front of 10,000 people? Tough to top, sure, but the dream can be reality. Find out how you can negotiate your own path to remixer glory at the DJ Expo, Wednesday August 18 at 5... Read More

The Anatomy of a Remix

When Jive Records recently hired Nick “Piklz” Ditri and Danny “Danger” Boselovic, aka The Disco Fries, to remix “OMG” by Usher and Will, the Fries emerged from the kitchen and broke down their process for DJ Times. “In this remix, rather than doing long, extended breakdowns, ...

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