Novation Announces Launch Control XL


Novation has announced the Launch Control XL, a mixer designed to help Ableton users focus more on their music and less on their laptop. The Launch Control XL is built with 24 knobs arranged in rows of eight, mirroring Ableton’s mixer interface. The controller is also equipped with 16 ...

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Analog Mono-Synth: Novation Bass Station 2 [REVIEW]


Novation’s original Bass Station was available as a 2-octave keyboard and also a simple 1U module. Released in 1993, it was an inexpensive mono synth used on many records, even getting a mention in lyrics by the Rza. The small-format analog synth is in style again and Novation has brought back ...

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Novation Announces Launchpad S Control Pack


Novation is set on simplifying getting started with Ableton Live production and performance with the new Launchpad S Control Pack, out soon. Packed with the 64-button Launchpad S controller as well as the Launch Control, the Launchpad S Control Pack provides everything users need to start ...

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Controllerists Battle for Control of West Coast Championship

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The Dicer Will Change Your Game

Novation’s Dicer is a palm-sized control surface that packs quite a punch. It’s a pair of MIDI controllers designed to seamlessly integrate cuing and looping functions from Serato Scratch Live and other digital vinyl software systems. Each Dicer consists of five large trigger buttons ...

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