Denny McConnell: A 5-Decade Career with No Intention of Stopping


Reading, PA — Denny McConnell, a DJ since the Niixon Administration, started his career at a club, back when they were called discos—on a bet. “I bet a friend that I could get a job at this new nightclub that was opening in our area,” says McConnell. His friend replied, “What do you know about ...

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Philly DJ Making All the Right Moves

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Philadelphia—If you were born in Philly, and got into hip hop in the late ’80s, among the first records that caught your attention were Salt-n-Pepa’s “Hot, Cool and Vicious,” and Kool Moe Dee’s “How Ya Like Me Now.” At least they were if you were Patrice McBride. “I was too young to fully ...

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Meet DJ Expo’s Two-Time Champ

By Stu Burke Belleville, N.J.—Like many DJs, Jack Bermeo sharpened his mixing skills in clubs and at friend’s parties, occasionally going out with other mobile DJs and performing at showcases. “Those events,” says Bermeo, “helped transform me into a professional performer.” As his company, LJ ...

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Cali DJ Bleeds Dodger Blue

By Sam Harrington Los Angeles—Not too many DJs outside of, say, Tiësto, Guetta, and Fatboy Slim can truthfully claim they’ve played to as many as 55,000 people in a night. But L.A.-based DJ Severe can. In fact, he sometimes plays to that many people several times a week, and more than three ...

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A Decade On, DJ Stays Ahead of the Internet Wave


Orlando, Fla.—The last time we heard from DJ Carl Williams in these pages, it was more than 10 years ago, before DJs were using nearly all of the tools they’re currently using to get—and perform—gigs. “The DJ industry has gotten more ‘complicated’ today because I have more music in my library ...

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DJ’s Dual Roles Shake Up ChicagoLand


Chicago—It was on February 7, 1998, after his bar mitzvah party, when Ryan Levin knew what he wanted to do with his life. “I wanted to be a mitzvah dancer,” he says. “And I approached the owner of the DJ company at my party, and he told me to contact him when I was in... Read More

For Carolina DJ, Beats Are Good Business


Raleigh, N.C.—Since the last time we spoke to Joe Bunn, owner of Joe Bunn DJ Company in Raleigh, N.C., 10 years have passed. Since then, he says, it’s all been about change—and growth. “In the last five years, we were up 10-percent in the first two years,” says the 40-year-old North Carolinian, ...

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Jersey Jock Gets With the Program


Plainsboro, N.J.—Since he was a three-year-old, diving off his parent’s living room couch while watching MTV and the Beastie Boys’ “Fight for Your Right (to Party),” Mike Bacon has known he’s possessed the key ingredient to any DJ’s arsenal: a rabid, if not unhealthy, love for music. “I would ...

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Texan Mixes Many DJ Disciplines


Austin, Texas—As a mobile and club jock who’s also worked in radio, Craig Dunn coordinates competing agendas as well as any Middle East peace negotiator. “With radio and club, everybody has a different agenda,” says Dunn, known professionally as DJ Crazy Craig. “In radio, they want certain ...

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Drummer Taps a Different Beat for DJ Clients

By Vern Delahunt Stroudsburg, Pa.—John Donovan is looking to buy a house with his wife in The Pocono Mountains for a simple reason: “I can get to New Jersey and Long Island. Going south, I can get to Philly, and locally I’ve been able to build up the concept in Lehigh Valley, which has been... ...

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Former Jersey Painter Finds a New Brush

Millville, N.J.—For about five years, from 2002 until 2007, Bob Morgan was double dipping, in a sense. But, for him, it created more of a dizzying effect than any laser could. As the full-time owner of a contractor business, he’d paint buildings, churches and houses by day; as the part-time ...

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Cincy DJ Unearths the Principles of the Profession

By Con Carney Cincinnati, Ohio—Many DJs who work full-time jobs often find that their skill sets overlap from one profession to the other. For Ryan Kellinghaus, the skill set required to effectively carry out his job as an assistant high school principal pays dividends when he runs his ...

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For Jersey DJ, Expo Win Provides a Sign


New Brunswick, N.J.—It was a typical humid August day in Atlantic City, and Robert Velasco was in town to say a farewell of sorts to DJing. He hadn’t lost the passion. In the ’90s, when he was in high school and the latest and greatest DJs were pushing out mix tapes, he tried it, too.... Read More

DJ Brings Big City Vibe to Central Florida

By Con Carney Melbourne, Fla.—“From one to 10, [the event] was a 20.” Such is the unbridled enthusiasm and confidence that Shane Presley brings to his gigs. Don’t mistake the confidence for arrogance, however—he’s supremely thankful for all the good will that has floated his way. “I think DJs ...

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Jersey DJ’s “Four Rules of the vLog”

By Milo Burke Union, N.J.—Chris Atwood began DJing in college in 1998, but like most DJs, his “calling” arrived much earlier. “I didn’t take the most traditional path to the 1s and 2s, as most jocks I know, where they were inspired by an old-school mixmaster,” he says. “Growing up I was the ...

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Training: One DJ’s Key to Success

By Mike Walter “Why do you even have a cordless microphone?” That’s part of one of the earliest lessons I learned in this business. The question was posed by John Murphy, my first boss and the owner of Star DJs at one of our monthly meetings. He was asking one of us (thankfully not me)... Read More

Penn DJ Boasts the Power of the Upsell

By Milo Burke Reading, Pa.—While teaching high-school history nearly 10 years ago, Mike Kindlick began to feel restless. Something was gnawing at him, like something that was inside him, threatening to burst out. Mike Kindlick, quite simply, needed to boogie—for a living, full-time. “I had gone ...

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Louisville DJ Makes All the Right Social Moves

By Milo Burke Louisville, Ky.—Eric Woodland received the best training a DJ could ever receive: slogging away for a multi-op business, a tutorial behind the console. “It was a great way to learn what not to do,” says Woodland, now the owner of DJ Woody Events and Entertainment. “A lot of my ...

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Hurricane Productions: New Media Gurus


How long have Vincent Velasquez and his Hurricane Productions partner Strato Doumanis been marketing their DJ services? They’re original Facebookers—which in the parlance of social media is a very, very long time ago. They’ve been focusing their marketing efforts on the web since they started ...

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Ex-NYC Rocker Finds a New Set List in Midwest


Cleveland, Ohio—A funny thing happened to Lew Bodee when he visited Cleveland nearly 23 years ago. Bodee, then a twenty-something rock guitarist from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, traveling with his dad to explore some business opportunities, went to an Iggy Pop concert and met Miriam, a 20-year-old ...

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From Mobiles to Club, K-Town DJ Flips the Script


Knoxville, Tenn.—Eight years ago Eric Bennett determined that his DJing dream had run its course in Chattanooga. Off to Knoxville it was—with his now-wife—and as he puts it, “As far as DJing goes, it’s the best thing I ever did.” Not that it was easy. Back in Chattanooga, DJ Eric B started out ...

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DJ Takes Stock in Niche Wedding Market


East Windsor, N.J.—Like so many DJs, Gregg Hollmann had an inkling that he would somehow find himself behind the console. With an interest in music from an early age, this Jersey Shore native studied piano and alto sax in high school, playing in jazz and classical ensembles. He also starting ...

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