ADJ Offers Big Lighting with New Monster Beam

Monster Beam Press Photo

ADJ has unleashed a lighting beast with its new Monster Beam, which promises powerful creation of the popular Moonflower lighting effect for both clubs and mobile DJs. The Monster Beam features the highest capacity LED engine of any ADJ Moonflower to date with its 25-watts of LED output ideal ...

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ADJ Announces Sweeper Beam & Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs

Sweeper Beam PR Photo

ADJ has unveiled a new pair of LED light fixtures consisting of the all-white Sweeper Beam LED and four-color Sweeper Beam Quad LED. Aimed with both club and mobile use in mind, the two units are capable of producing perpetual-motion lightshows for long periods of time without need for duty ...

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New Year's Resolutions: RIP?

Some DJs are trying to keep their New Year's resolutions...

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Monkeys Cash in on New World Order, So Can You

With all the bloviating going on about illegal immigrants taking jobs from Americans,  little attention has been focused on primates—NAFTA-loving wily apes and monkeys with job skills. Some have turned up on network news, while others have used their computer skills to impact DJs and ...

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Obama's Drilling Policy: DJs, Let There be Lights!

President Obama announced yesterday that large sections of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and an area off the coast of Virginia would be opened for oil and natural gas drilling, the clearest signal yet from the administration that its energy policy will enable DJs to use more lighting. “Lighting is ...

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