2014 DJ Expo Panel Preview: ‘Business All-Stars’


Many successful and profitable mobile-DJ businesses center their business model on the wedding industry. There is no doubt that 80-percent or more of annual DJ revenue is derived from performances at weddings. As a result, DJ/entrepreneurs will focus most of their time, energy and capital on ...

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Google AdWords—A Pre-Expo Primer


I’ve attended several seminars that have talked about how today’s bride is different from the bride just 10 or 15 years ago. Back then, brides found your DJ business by going to a wedding expo or bridal show. They flipped through wedding magazines and Yellow Pages. The next key sources of ...

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35 Ways to Change Your Business—Via DJ Expo


By Gregg Hollmann Today’s DJ business owner operates in a fast-paced and changing world. One of the best ways to stay sharp is to attend the seminars at DJ Expo, presented by DJ Times each August in Atlantic City, N.J. To that end, I attended as many seminars as possible, not only collecting ...

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Effective Marketing for Wedding DJs


By Laura Cave Identifying and attracting bridal customers can be a real challenge. Unlike corporate customers or entertainment venues, your potential bridal clients change every year. They’re busy and distracted by a marketplace full of messages. And most of them don’t know the first thing ...

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How to Bring the Brides to Your Website—And Convert!


By Laura Cave Today’s millennial brides and grooms come from the most educated generation ever—nearly 75-percent have four-year degrees. Most of them work full-time, and they are super tech-savvy because they grew up with the Internet. So when it comes to hiring entertainment for their ...

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DJ Expo Lesson: Get Down to Business


By Joe Molineaux As DJs, each one of you are experienced and have the skills necessary to move people out to the dancefloor and motivate them through verbal cues and music to “get down.” But when it comes to the development, growth and operation of your company, how many of you have the skills ...

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At DJ Expo, Learn How to Increase Bookings with Video


By Stu Herm At last year’s DJ Expo, the guys from Red Bank, N.J.-based Hurricane Productions offered a seminar that helped hundreds of attendees navigate the turgid waters of social media. This year, they’re back, and their seminar will focus on video—“Know Your Video, the Future of Event ...

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Social Media Campaigns— Are You Listening?


By Stu Fine Not too many DJ businesses can count on word-of-mouth to generate all their bookings. Like the rest of the business world, social media has acted like a spigot from which consumer insights flow, and these responses lead to an increase of growth and an enhanced branding message. ...

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How to Market Your DJ Business to the Reptilian Brain


By B.C. Carney New York City—At the recent National Retail Federation convention at New York’s Javits Center, there was a bevy of seminars designed for small and medium-sized business owners, we recently and dropped in on Amy Africa’s “Neuromarketing and the Influence on Buying Behavior” ...

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Mobile DJs—Run Your Own Website SEO Jumphead: Business Line


By Ed Haas With many DJs generating as much as 90-percent of their bookings via their website, it’s obvious that a web strategy can be the most important aspect of your business—even more than your DJing ability and your 25,000 songs. So, let’s say you’ve got your web presence established ...

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Business Line: Takeaways from DJ Expo


By Gregg Hollmann The DJ Expo is always a boon for my DJ business, and this year I attended nine seminars over three days. At the end, I was as exhausted as I was enlightened. From this past DJ Expo—Aug. 8-11 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J.—here are some takeaways:   Steve... ...

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Sharpen your Business Skills—At DJ Expo


By Con Carney As you begin your Expo journey (or if you’re viewing from afar), this year’s cast of talented DJ business owners appearing at seminars will not disappoint, for nowhere else does such an esteemed collection of experience gather. One such person is DJ Mike Kindlick, owner Jam on ...

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Meet the Brains Behind Nightclub City DJ Rivals

And this is your Brain on Drugs

San Francisco—Ted Mosby, the central character in the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” once said, “Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.” Keith Lee thinks otherwise. In 2010, Lee and some friends were walking out of an L.A. nightclub, having been impressed by that night’s DJ lineup, and he ...

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How Expo’s “DJ of the Year” Enhanced My Business


By: Steve Moody I was in shock. Just as soon as I walked offstage, it had set me to a different standard than I had been accustomed. People recognized who I was. Even just competing in the DJ of the Year competition at the DJ Expo—never mind winning—it gives you an opportunity to be in... Read More

How Winning at DJ Expo Changed My Business


DJ Times and Mike Walter—who organizes and produces the “DJ of the Year” competition at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City—thought it would be a good idea for me to tell the story of how winning Best DJ Game last August has improved my business. First off, I was skeptical about competing again. I ...

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How Telling Lies Can Increase Your Business


What kind of story do you tell about your company? If you want to attract more clients, it helps to tell tales about your service, and focus not on the truth, but on what people believe. Huh? Seth Godin speaks to this phenomenon when he tells us a story about a few entrepreneurs who came... Read More