How Creative Mobile DJs Booked Gigs in This Winter’s Brutal Weather


These past few years, Adam Weitz of A Sharp Production in Huntingdon Valley, Pa., has been wondering if he might be related to a certain biblical character. “I don’t know whether Noah was a relative of mine and God is simply giving me the burden, or if I’m just able to endure the stress,” he... ...

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Are You DJ Expo Experienced?

Every year the DJ Expo in Atlantic City brings together a diverse group DJs from throughout the nation—and 2013 was no different. It wasn’t such a long travel for John Horne, of Jam Machine Productions in relatively nearby Huntingdon, Pa., who says it was this DJ’s 13th year of ...

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Blackout Problem? Solved–at DJ Expo

DJ Adam Weitz offered DJ Expo attendees an inspired solution for a blackout. It was a routine he calls No Power-Power Hour, and he designed it for the DJ of the Year competition, and it was dazzling enough—generator uplighting, flashlights, dancers—for it to earn the Philly-based ...

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