Swanky Tunes Talks New Single ‘Fire In Our Hearts’

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Good things come in threes, a saying personified succinctly by Russian group Swanky Tunes. With a discography comprised of raging EDM anthems—including collaborations with fellow Russian trio Hard Rock Sofa and America’s Best DJ 2013 Kaskade—the group has amassed a global following in its decade-plus travels. Now, the trio juggles time between producing and DJing at massive festivals around the world, slaying crowds at every turn.

We caught up with the busy men to talk about their new single “Fire In Our Hearts” featuring C. Todd Nielsen, out now on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings label. Catch the chat below:

DJ Times: Your new single “Fire In Our Hearts” is out now. What influenced the creation of the track?
Swanky Tunes: This track has a long story. The vocal was recorded a year ago at an Interscope studio in Los Angeles, but it took more than six months to create the music around it. As you can hear, there are a lot of tracks going around that sound very similar: big and tight, hardcore bass, and drums with nothing around the melody. While producing “Fire In Our Hearts,” we were thinking about a type of song that could be listened to everywhere: in a car, at home, in a club, wherever. And people could then say, “Oh, this is “Swanky Tunes!” when they hear it.

DJ Times: How did you three come together to work as a trio?
Swanky Tunes: It happened accidentally. Two of us have known each other since kindergarten and then started making music together when we were 16. The third member joined about 10 years ago. Honestly we’re three completely different guys, with different hobbies, tastes, and opinions. The music makes us come together. It’s great!

DJ Times: What’s the Russian dance music scene like in comparison to the rest of the world?
Swanky Tunes: It’s difficult to compare, because Russia doesn’t have as big of an EDM industry. Our country is just trying to be like Europe or the US, but still not there yet. There are a lot of festivals being planned this year. One of them, Fruit Vibrations, is in Moscow this July with acts like David Guetta, R3hab, NERVO, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and others. We are headlining the main stage one of the days. The clubs in Russia are becoming a lot better, too. There are many cool places where you can hang and party really crazy.

DJ Times:You’ve released tracks with Kaskade and Tiësto. How have these massive collaborations come about?
Swanky Tunes: We’ve known Ryan [Kaskade] and Tijs [Tiësto] for a long time. These guys are super cool and it’s a pleasure to work with them. You know what made artists collaborate with one another? Same points of view. For instance, the first time we met Tijs and Ryan personally, we had a lot of things to talk about besides just music. When you’re on the same page, it’s easier to produce music together. Of course, it doesn’t mean things will happen right away. We all needed enough time to share ideas, turn them into music so we could eventually deliver to an audience. But as we said before, it was a pleasure.

DJ Times: What’s ahead for Swanky Tunes during the rest of 2014?
Swanky Tunes: A lot of stuff is in the works. We plan to release a bunch of new vocal tracks. Now that we have better access to more singers and lyricists, it gives us more of a desire to produce this type of music. Our tour schedule is tight. To name a couple of events we’re excited for: Electric Zoo in New York and TomorrowWorld—where we’ll headline one of the bigger stages!

Stream for the group’s new single “Fire In Our Hearts” below, and go to Swanky Tunes’ Facebook page for more information.