Galaxy Any Spot Traveler TV 8 – Portable PA System [REVIEW]

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“So excited to work with you, Mr. DJ, and thanks for agreeing to not only deliver entertainment for our event, but provide sound for our ceremony, which is being held in a field overlooking a mountain, on a hill beside a bay. And, oh by the way, there is no power out there and it is 1,000 feet away from the nearest outlet.”

Last-minute changes or not, wedding Djs are often asked to provide music and amplification for the officiant at weddings, many times in places where power is not readily available. The idea of running a cord from the hall is unsightly, unsafe, and often untenable. Enter the Galaxy Any Spot Traveler TV 8—a battery-powered, portable PA system to the rescue.

The Traveler is a versatile, self-contained system built into a handy 8-inch speaker (50 watts RMS)—complete with pole mount, retractable telescoping handle and wheels, mic inputs, a simple mixer, and CD/MP3/USB player with wireless capabilities.



The system was designed around a high-capacity battery, capable of delivering six hours of use on a single four-hour charge, and plug-in modules which allow buyers to fully customize their unit from a list of available Function Modules. Selections include wireless mic receivers (with handheld, headset and lapel options), a CD/MP3 player, and the choice of an echo/delay unit or an audio link module, which wirelessly transmits the entire audio mix from one Traveler to any number of satellite Travelers. Since all the modules are internally wired, no external patching is necessary. Simple and easy, this allows the Traveler you order to be designed to the exact specs of each customer.

My Traveler arrived and I gave it a charge overnight. When I fired it up in the morning, I was surprised at not only the slew of playback options, but at the very useable mini-EQ and mic faculties.  The Sound was equally impressive, with plenty of volume and enough bass for to handle most background audio requirements with ease.

I took it with me and used it as a monitor at a small party and it performed well – until the battery faded and died without warning.  While a battery indicator or “timer” of some sort showing the remaining charge would have helped, I was able to plug in the unit and have it back up and running in just a few minutes with very little issue. From then on, I ensured I had a full charge the night before a gig, and never again had any issues.

The Traveler sounds much better than I expected and, while its 50 watts of RMS are not enough to replace a speaker in your main set-up, the Traveler does exactly what he promises: It provides a solid option for use in locations where power is limited or where running wires would ruin the esthetics of your event.  No matter the reason, the Galaxy Any Spot Traveler is an affordable option—$299 MAP for basic unit, $1,029 MAP with installed components—that would prove useful for nearly any mobile DJ.


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