Soviet Panda’s Twin Cities Takeover

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By: Jim Tremayne

Minneapolis—We say it all the time: If you’re a DJ and you don’t like the scene you’re in… then, get your hustle on and create a new one. That’s exactly what DJ Peter Lansky (aka Soviet Panda) did, and four years later he’s still running the hippest dance night in the Twin Cities.

While attending the University of Minnesota in 2006, the Chicago native looked around local clubland and decided he could do better. He has with Too Much Love, an affordable weekly party at the legendary First Avenue club that was inspired both by the LCD Soundsystem tune and the DFA label’s anything-goes-as-long-as-it’s-good aesthetic. In addition to holding down the decks for his own residency, Lansky, 25, has seen TML enjoy guest spots from the likes of Tim Sweeney, Shit Robot and In Flagranti.

As we prepared to visit the Twin Cities for the Bassgasm4 event at First Ave—yes, Soviet Panda’s on the bill—we talked DIY DJ culture with Lansky.


DJ Times: Briefly, what was the evolution for Too Much Love?

Lansky: I was always somewhat interested in DJing, reading online about the mechanics, and seeing a small handful perform, but… I was way more into rock music. I never once thought I would DJ professionally. But over time, as I got into dance music through DFA, I became intrigued by the aesthetics of creating a party. It was very important for me. I had just turned 21, and was extremely frustrated by what I perceived as an elitist, 21+ mentality in clubs, offering none of the music I was excited about.

DJ Times: So what was your vision for the party?

Lansky: It’s a place for quality music, music that I felt was unrepresented in the Twin Cities, to be presented in an accessible way—and I don’t think accessible should have a negative connotation in this case. I think most people who walk into a party where the DJ is in their own world, going off the deep end and ignoring a crowd, are going to be turned off. And on the other side, I get really turned off when I go somewhere and strictly hear crowd-pleasing, obvious music. Too Much Love is about the happy medium that gets everyone excited, and makes for a killer party, with killer music leading the way.

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