Soul Clap: Deep DJ Duo

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Eli “Elyte” Goldstein and Charles “Cnyce” Levine, the Boston-based duo that calls itself Soul Clap, like keeping things in the family.

Their organic musical development has been based on this ethos, they admit, whether or not they were aware of it at the time. For Soul Clap’s recent installment in the DJ Kicks series, they team up with brothers-in-groove Wolf + Lamb—once again, keeping it mob-like.

The compilation’s track listing reads like a label retrospective for Wolf + Lamb’s Double Standard Records. This was not the initial intention for the collection, but with enough exclusives offered from the extended Double Standard family, it made more sense to have it represent the label’s diverse sounds and feelings. According to Soul Clap’s Goldstein, this means: “Deep, sexy, creative, and experimental.”

DJ Kicks differs from Soul Clap’s mix Social Experiment for No. 19 Music, which focuses on pre-club vibes. DJ Kicks goes for the afterparty. Plus, both members of Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb had equal duties in its creation, with Levine leading the writing of new music and Wolf + Lamb’s Gadi Mizrahi collecting exclusives. All four conferred on the tracklisting, which was then mixed by Goldstein in Ableton with the final package designed by Wolf + Lamb’s Zev Eisenberg.

While the DJ Kicks compilation features many Double Standard staples and soon-to-be staples, it also showcases Soul Clap’s style, which shies away from the peak-of-the-night dancefloor tunes many DJs count on to keep themselves in demand. Instead, it’s about moody rhythms and shuffling beats that are more sustainable in the long haul. The duo attributes their tastes to growing up in New England’s rave scene and catching influence from the nearby New York house sound.

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