So You're Thinking of Spinning in: Malta

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So, you’re thinking of booking some DJ gigs in Malta, and the first question you have is: Where is Malta?

We didn’t know, either.

It’s kinda near Sicily, in the Mediterranean, and the kids party their ghonellas off and they love rabbit stew. We spoke to Maltese DJ Jewel Kid, who has made regular appearances on the Beatport charts with three summer house bombs on Cr2 Records—“Musica,” “Xade” and “Wolly.”

Ok, so what’s the DJ scene like in Malta? It’s huge over here. We might have the biggest international percentage of youngsters aspiring to be DJs. The party vibe here never stops—massive festivals or killer club nights. That’s how it is here—every club or party venue is unbelievably close to each other.

Tell us about Clique in St. Julian’s, where you do your residency in Malta. We have a full-on crowd, a massive sound system and a perfect club crew every single week—amazing. We’re going into our fifth year and it’s even stronger than ever. I’m just thrilled to play there every Saturday night when I’m here.

Which producers have your ear now? D-Nox & Beckers, Santos, Carlo Lio & Hermanez will be good contenders, just because I find myself playing a lot of their work in my sets at the moment.

Inside scoop: Carnival is a major deal in Malta, in the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, as is New Year’s Eve.