Sister Act: Nervo Talks Starting a ‘Revolution’

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Australian twins Mim and Liv Nervo kept themselves very busy in 2013, with a string of successful singles—including “Revolution,” their collaboration with R3hab and Ummet Ozcan—and a worldwide modeling contract with CoverGirl. Next year looks to be no different, with the pair recently announced for Panama’s The Day After Festival, which runs Jan. 10-12. We caught up with the girls and talked to them about their debut album, collaborators, and their upcoming Mexican tour.

DJ Times:  Where are you guys right now?
Nervo:  We’re in LA at the moment doing some studio work.

DJ Times: Are you working on your debut album? How’s it coming along?
Nervo:  That’s the million-dollar question. We’re plugging along, finishing record by record. We’ll get there. We’re perfectionists, so for us, things are never finished. We have some amazing artists with us on this journey, but can’t really talk about them yet because we don’t want to jinx it.

DJ Times: You’ve written for some big pop names in the past, including Ke$ha and Kylie Minogue. Do you plan on working with any pop stars again in the future?
Nervo: Definitely. We’re working with Azealia Banks right now. She’s awesome. Pop sometimes seems like a dirty word, but it’s great to work with a diverse range of artists.

DJ Times: How are you feeling about the success of “Revolution”?
Nervo: We were so excited. I’m so glad the instrumental version is going down so well, because I think once we release the vocal version in January that we’re going to bring a different side to the record. We actually shot the video for it last week.

DJ Times: How did this collaboration with R3hab come about?
Nervo: We’ve worked with R3hab for a while. He actually had the initial ideas.  He asked us if we wanted to help him on the track, and we loved it from the start.  It was just emotional and the chords were just there.

DJ Times:  You ladies are the literal CoverGirls of dance music. What is working with the brand like?
Nervo: There are so many great things. For one, we get bags and bags of makeup.  Colors.  We love it—a nail color for every day of the year, basically. CoverGirl is just a really fun company to work with.  They want to jump into our world, not try and mold us to be something we’re not.

DJ Times: You host a monthly Nervo Nation radio show. What’s the best part about it?
Nervo: We can put people on the hot seat! It’s a lot of fun actually. One thing we like is talking to peers and idols, interviewing them, and finding out new things about them. Of course, putting together records that we think are going to be really hot that month is great for us because it keeps us on our toes.

DJ Times: You’re about to kick off a Mexican tour. Are you excited about that?
Nervo: Yes! It’s our first-ever headlining tour! It’s a really big deal for us; we’re busy putting together production and a new DJ rig for it. It’s really nerve-wracking, because when you play a festival, you’re playing with all your buddies and there’s not as much pressure. When you play a headlining tour, I think there’s a little bit of pressure. We’ve got a lot of love from Mexico, so we can’t wait.

Stream Nervo’s single with R3hab and Ummet Ozcan, “Revolution,” below. It’s out now on Beatport.

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