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Who’s taking the America’s Best DJ contest seriously? DJ Shiftee, serious as a taco heart attack. Shiftee–a battle jock/turntablist DMC winner who will appear at next week’s DJ Expo, has produced a campaign video, reminding viewers of their patriotic duty in the voting booth. You can see it here.

DJ Times spoke to Shiftee for a cover story a while back, when we asked him, among other things, the state of turntablism.
“It seems like a lot of the new talent is jumping right into production or spinning rather than turntablism. Additionally on a global level, the routines have gotten so advanced and technical that performances can be less accessible for an audience. The US scene appears to be on the rise, though, and the scratching side of things is truly crazy internationally. The battle scene really just follows the state of the US economy. The Clinton years marked an era of prosperity for Turntablism, while Battle DJing during the Great Depression was horrendous. I’m confident President Obama can lead us to a new golden age of scratching and beat juggling.”

Future plans? “Hopefully a transition into the world of party-rocking and dance music. Expect shows, mixtapes, silly YouTubes, perhaps a title defense or a run at the DMC team championship, and maybe even some original Shiftee/Middle Name Morris productions. I also plan to break my taco-eating record on Tuesday.”

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