Seven Lions Shares His Top Seven Production Tips

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In a sea of DAWs, plugins, hardware, and a near-infinite number of other things to turn your bedroom into a music studio, it can be easy to lose sight of the basics of sound design and setups when crafting tracks. The importance of speaker placement, frequency sweeping, and knowing where to find advice on production concerns is paramount and can make the difference between a good track and a great track.

To this end, DJ/producer—and America’s Best DJ nominee—Seven Lions has given us his top seven tips—complete with hands-on links, diagrams, and videos—to help step your productions up to the next level.

1. Choosing Proper Monitors
“There are tons of options out there and it really comes down to personal taste. This video goes over different types of monitors. I personally use Dynaudio BM5As. I’ve always been a fan of near field monitors and the BM5As have the best stereo image for the price.”

2. Monitor Setup
This is a great video about monitor placement as well as sub placement. Monitor placement is very easy using the triangle idea but sub placement can be tricky.”

3. Treating Your Room
“I have built 10 of these bass traps, 8 of them in the corners and one directly behind me. I also have smaller foam panels for reducing high frequency information bouncing around.”

“I use a few different EQs. Voxengo makes a great one called Gliss. This video covers a bit on how to use Gliss, but what is really valuable is how to use high and low pass and how to sweep frequencies with high resonance to find things that you don’t like and to remove them. It also talks about paying attention to the frequencies you want to come through on important instruments and making space for them.”

5. Synth Tutorials
This is a very basic tutorial on how to use Sylenth. There are tons of these out on the Internet for pretty much any song you can think of. I highly recommend using tutorials like this to find out how to make the most out of the synths that you are using.”

6. Production News Sites
KVR is an awesome website for staying up to date on new instruments, effects, samples and basically everything production related. There are a lot of websites out there, but KVR is my personal favorite.”

7. Forums
There are tons of forums out there, but Gearslutz seems to be one of the larger ones. I really love reading product reviews on there.

For more information, go to Seven Lions’ Facebook page and stream his Worlds Apart EP below.

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