Serato Introduces Serato Remote App For iPad

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Released yesterday on the App Store, the Serato Remote iPad app allows users to see and control all of Serato Live and Serato DJ’s functions, including cue points, loops, and samples, as well as loading tracks and manipulating FX without touching a laptop. Focused on compatibility, the app will fit into almost any existing Serato hardware setup, and can connect via Wi-Fi or USB.

The company’s first iPad app, its layout is clean and geometric, with large buttons and vivid colors to make it easier and more responsive to use in a live performance setting. The Virtual Decks are visible on nearly every tab within the app, allowing users to see track info and cue points at any moment.

The FX tab allows users to visually control the various FX settings within Serato, and also allows the to run loop rolls with FX simultaneously. The Sampler tab holds four banks of 6 sample slots, the volume and playback of each can be controlled separately or all at once. Trigger, hold, and on/off playback is available for all samples, which can also be synced to the master tempo. Finally, the Pads tab gives full control of cue points, loop rolls, and auto loops.

Watch a live app demo from the Serato office below, and go to for more information. The Serato Remote app is available on the App Store for $19.99.

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