Serato DJ 1.7 Introduces Serato Flip Expansion Pack

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Serato has announced the release of Serato Flip, a new Serato DJ Expansion Pack that allows users to create custom edits and extended mixes of their music.

Serato Flip allows users to record Cue Point and Censor actions, each of which can be saved and looped. Users can save up to 6 of these Flips per track, and they can be re-triggered and started instantly for both club performances and studio playback. With it, users can extend intros and breakdowns, create transition sections for changing tempo or beat structure, auto-skipping verses or choruses of songs, and creating clean edits of tracks by recording censor actions.

The full list of Serato Flip features are below:

Record Cue Point & Censor Automation

Click record once to arm recording. Once you hit the first cue or censor, recording begins. Hit record again to set the end point of your Flip.

Prepare & Edit Tracks In Offline Mode

Use Serato Flip without your hardware connected.

Flip Saving

Save 6 different Flips per track. Serato Flip information is saved to your tracks metadata and doesn’t edit the audio of the track. You can delete cue points and your Flip will still be remembered.

Hardware Controls, Keyboard Shortcut & Midi Mappable

Control Flip directly from your computer or your controller with a keyboard shortcut and hardware controls being mapped for supported current and future hardware. Flip controls are also MIDI mappable for use with the MIDI controller of your choice.

Looping / Loop Snap

Choose whether your recorded Flip plays through once or loops. Select whether your looped Flip will snap to an end-point that’s on beat with your track.

Recall and Replay

Turn Flips ON / OFF and start your Flip on track load or whenever you like.

Make perfect edits

Platter movements aren’t recorded so you can move the platter to an exact point and trigger a cue point to make the perfect Flip.

Name your Flips

Just like Serato DJs nameable Cue Points you can also name your Flips. The name of your Flip will appear in the deck info area when the track is loaded.

The official release is scheduled for this September with Serato DJ 1.7. Watch a teaser video for Serato Flip below, and go here for more information.