Relieve that Human Jukebox Feeling–at DJ Expo

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We’ve all had the feeling—that Human Jukebox feeling. You know, clients approach you at the console and try to stick a fiver in your mouth, and then try poking the buttons on your shirt to select some song they danced to once at a high school dance in 1996.

DJ Jerry Bazata wants to take that jukebox out to pasture. “We are not human jukeboxes,” says Jerry. “That’s what you need to communicate to a potential client who asks you about price up front. You have to ask yourself, ‘Are you selling the value you can bring to their event rather than just being a commodity’? There are DJs who are value-added entertainers, and there are DJs who are jukeboxes. Which one are you?”

Jerry will be preaching from the mountaintop that is DJ Expo, from August 16-19, at his seminar, “Optimizing your Lead Buying Experience. “It’ll be a 90-minute interactive seminar that will provide DJ business owners with the tools they need to maximize their potential with leads from referral sources and pay-per lead programs.”

Jerry, aka DJ Jaz, will discuss what to expect when developing a lead generation program.  Topics will include: Creating Conversations and Opportunities; Recognizing Good Leads; Process for Responding to Leads; Tips for Responding to Leads; Measuring Your Return on Investment; and Uncovering the secrets to success in a pay per lead program.

Of course, Jerry will offer many rejoinders to that age-old question: What do you charge?

“My first answer to that question is always: ‘Well, what are we looking for?'”

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