Red Bull beat:repeat NYC Video Series Explores Drum Machines behind Classics

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Throughout the month of May, Red Bull put on a series of street parties, lectures, and concerts in New York City as part of the debut Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York. To celebrate the city’s musical history, Red Bull has released the eight-part beat:repeat NYC video series, each taking a look at one of New York’s anthems and the drum machines that were behind the creation of them.

Looking into classics spanning a wide variety of genres including punk (Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon”), new wave (Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”), and thrash metal (Anthrax’s “I Am the Law”), the series focuses on the producers responsible for the tracks and the equipment and influences that inspired their creations. The end result is an unfiltered look on the relationship between artists, creativity, and technology and the role it plays in music.

Watch the episode focusing on Peech Boys’ “Don’t Make Me Wait” below, and go here to watch the rest of the series.

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