Record-Breaking Vinyl Art

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Since the news that Technics will discontinue production of the SL-1200, many DJs have wondered if that’ll spell the ultimate doom for vinyl.

Not so.

DJ Dolo started spinning when he was 18, when his father bought him his first pair of turntables.  “I injured my leg, which prevented me from DJing, so I got shitty and started smashing up my records in the basement,” he told us. “A couple of months later, I calmed down, went back into the basement and began making the art you see out of smashed and broken records.”

Dolo’s real name is Lobyn Hamilton.  Check out his website here.

His work can also be seen in Chicago’s Gallery Guichard.  You can go to their website and check out my work there as well.

Dolo also has a solo art show from January 26th to February 25 @ the Arts Garden in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

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