Rebecca & Fiona – ‘Candy Love’

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Swedish DJ/vocalist duo Rebecca & Fiona have returned with the release of their new track “Candy Love” and its music video. The track—out now via Ultra Records—is the first single off their upcoming album Beauty Is Pain, due out this April.

“Candy Love” sees the pair straying from the frenetic sound of recent singles “Union,” “Taken Over” and their big room electro house-dominated sets of the past year. Rebecca & Fiona instead deliver a slow, haunting plea to self-destructive lovers. Opening with lone piano strikes that give away to a chorus filled reverbed synth explosions, the single is moody mid-tempo corker primed for afterhours play.

Interspersed with footage of the pair’s old videos and live clips, the video showcases Rebecca & Fiona alternating between roles as blonde pageant dolls and pastel rebels. Grainy recordings and strobe effects work to create a gritty atmosphere.

Watch the video for “Candy Love” below, and go to for more information. Purchase tickets to see Rebecca & Fiona on tour here.